SMITH in Fullarton Twp.

What I know--John SMITH, his property info, wife, death in Fullarton 11 Mar. 1872.

William Steven SMITH (John's son), married Mary Grace SLOMAN, property and death info. He was auditor, councillor in Logan township c. 1899.

Thomas SMITH married Margaret in Fullarton, staing his father was William SMITH. 

My G.G. grandfather, James SMITH, and Thomas were brothers. They were in business together as coopers. James married Amy HILLS c. 1850 in Fullarton. They owned Lot 97 Toronto Street, Mitchell. I have a copy of James' will and other pertinent information from the Ontario Archives.

My question--Were John & William SMITH brothers from Kent County, England? I have been seeking info from the IGI.  Any help to Fern Davenport, 429 Third Line, Oakville ON L6L 4A6 or email